Life is constantly changing, move in space as in life. I have the strong feeling that what defined the amplitude’s movement is more related to the element who define our environnement than the movement itself. If you keep close in mind the potential symbolism related to everything who constitute our current environment it allowed you to rise the perimeter of your own perception. To explore deeply this idea, I’ve instantly thought to use the front of the Basilica of Fourvière in Lyon as reference place. This immutable place crystallizes close to him both temporal and spiritual dimensions. This basilic is obviously related to a spiritual dimension but also close to the humankind for historical link. This building which is strongly statured and full of symbolic power creates an implicit link between both actual and past social state. I posted my camera in a specific place who gave me the ability to capture in random the scene of true life who was acting in front of me. Selecting the framing and the depth of field, of course. This particular state of random attend me to be accurate enough to capture as many snapshots as necessary. The goal i was looking for in this serie of pictures, is more the metaphorical vision of life than the illusion of reality. Through that way i get a serie of photos which are in my opinion able to show how individually drives us, how our individuality lead our behave but also how we interact with each other.


Cette série de photos montre comment individuellement nous sommes et comment nous interagissons les uns avec les autres.

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